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The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association is a not-for-profit organization consisting of volunteers residing in and around the Buena Vista Neighborhood area. The Association is dedicated to the safety and quality of life of the residents and to the preservation of the historic character of the Buena Vista Neighborhood.

Our neighborhood is located in San Jose, California, a few minutes west of downtown, with boundaries roughly Meridian Avenue on the east, Highway 280 on the south, West San Carlos Street on the north, and Leigh Avenue on the west.

Three views for you:


Take a photo tour of our neighborhood. Compare amazing photographs of downtown San Jose taken in 1975 with photos taken in approximately 2006. See even more photos of San Jose then and now.

The BVNA used to hold an Annual Home and Garden Tour, but have not done so for several years. Would you like to see photos of homes from past Home Tours? Would you like to help us organize one in the future?

Got a problem you'd like the BVNA Board to discuss? Send an email to problems@bvnasj.org

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Association Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 PM, usually in the home of one of the members, but occasionally at a local restaurant, library, or school. Please contact someone to find out the location of the next meeting as noted below. You DO NOT have to live within the Buena Vista Neighborhood boundaries to belong to the Association!

Dues are $25 per year for an individual, $30 for a family, but dues are NOT required to participate in any meetings or functions. Paying dues allows you to vote when we have to decide where to spend money and other official matters. We also offer a business-class membership! The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association tries to be a very community-focused organization and, as such, we try to keep the stuffy politics out of the mix as much as possible. Meetings usually consist of having a guest speaker, notes of recent activities in the neighborhood (both positive and negative) and upcoming items.

For more information about the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association:

James Rincon, President
President, Buena Vista Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 26953
San Jose, CA 95159-6953
Ph:  (408) 641-9764 (VM Only)

This is a Flickr badge showing public items from the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association (BVNA).