Notes on 1876 map:

1. The oval near the right edge was the County Fairgrounds. The race track is what gave Race Street its name.

2. Merdian Road can be seen along the right edge.

3. The horizontal line above "LOS COCHES" was then "Steven's Creek Road," and would eventually be renamed West San Carlos.

4. "Rancho de Los Coches" was the name of the land granted to Roberto, a Santa Clara Mission Indian, in 1847. Roberto later sold it to Antonio Sunol who got a U.S. patent on the land in 1857. See History.

5. The lettering "H.M. Naglee" on two plots of land on either side of Steven's Creek Road, with the eastern boundary along Meridian Road, represents the area we now call the Burbank and Buena Vista neighborhoods south of Steven's Creek and the Shasta-Hanchett Park neighborhood north of Steven's Creek Road.

6. The County Infirmary can be seen in the lower right quadrant, located where Valley Medical Center is today, on Bascom Avenue. When this map was printed the road was called "Santa Cruz Road"

Obviously the area west of San Jose consisted largely of orchards and farms.