Notes on 1892 map:

1. The words "Rancho de Los Coches" in the upper right identify this as the land granted first to Roberto Balermino, a Santa Clara Mission Indian, who sold it to Antonio Sunol, who subdivided it.

2. You can see the roads "Stevens Creek Road" and "Moopark" and "Infirmary Road" (now Bascom Avenue). Also visible in the middle is a tiny piece of "Dana Avenue"

3. The labels on various parcels of land (estates and ranches) include the name of the owner and the acreage.

4. The tiny asterisk on the triangular piece of land on the north side of Stevens Creek Road is noted at the bottom of the map as being a 10.65 acre plot belonging to S.& F. DiFiore. The DiFiores would later build and run a fruit canning factory on that land. See later maps.