Notes on 1915 Sanborn map:

1. Sanborn maps are large-scale plans of a city or town, drawn at a scale of 50 fee to an inch. They were created to assist fire insurance companies as they assessed the risk associated with insuring a particular property. What you see here is a tiny part of a much larger map in a huge book of maps located at The California Room of the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. Images are also available on line.

1. The area north of San Carlos (then called Stevens Creek Road) is still orchard.

2. The street running north-south through the middle is Porter Avenue, now Leigh Avenue.

3. The DiFiore Canning Co. is the collection of buildings on the north side of Stevens Creek Road.

4. You can see how sparsely populated the street were at that time.

5. Below are two close-ups from the same map. One shows just the DiFiore Canning Company, the other shows a few buildings on Richmond and Menker.