Notes on 1931 Aerial Photos:

There are TWO photos on this page, this one and one farther down that is the same section, but taken from farther away.

1. West San Carlos (then called Stevens Creek Road) is the main road running across the top of the photo.

2. The second building in from the left, north of Stevens Creek Road, is the DiFiori Canning Company. The area surrounding it on three sides were prune orchards. The streets Shasta, Hanchett and Dana are there today.

3. The streets running north-south (Porter, Richmond, Menker, etc.) go only as far as where Scott Street is today, and there is only orchard to the south.

4. The three streets on the north side of Stevens Creek Road are North Buena Vista, North Willard, and Meridian.

5. On the far edge of the photo on the right is O'Connor Sanitarium, which later moved and became O'Connor Hospital. There was a Sears store there up until the mid-1970 (see later aerial maps), and now there is the Mid-Town Safeway.

6. Here you get a better view of the area surrounding the Buena Vista Neighborhood. The area on the left is the Burbank Neighborhood. The area in the right corner is the southern edge the Rose Garden Neighborhood. The street running diagonally with a bit of a wiggle to it is Tillman Avenue.

7. You get a better sense of the orchards surrounding the DiFiori Canning Company, and O'Connor Sanitarium is clear on the right.

By the way, these web photos don't do justice to the original aerial photographs which are HUGE and are much clearer than these copies. They are stored in the California Room of the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. If you're interested in seeing the originals, contact me and I'll either show them to you, or give you precise instructions on where they are located.