Notes on 1961 Aerial Photos:

There are THREE photos on this page. Keep scrolling down!


1. This is the Buena Vista and Burbank Neighborhoods BEFORE Highway 280 was put in. [Compare to the 1968 photo].

2. The bottom half of the photo is San Jose City College.

3. Leigh Avenue (still called Porter Avenue at this point in time) does not continue south past Moorpark.

4. The bright white dots on the right are new houses on Menker. The rest of the street is still orchard -- where apartments have now been built.


5. The large building in the middle is the old Sears store. Before the Sears store, O'Connor Sanitarium was on this land. Now it's the Mid-Town Safeway.

6. You can also see Lou's Village and the Fiesta Bowl bowling alley (both now torn down and waiting for a housing complex).

7. The old Sears store is in the upper right corner.

8. Where the orchard are now taking up the bottom of the photo we now have the post office, the Harley-Davidson store, and apartments building .


9. This is the area north and west of the Buena Vista Neighborhood. The oval at the top is the track at Lincoln High School.

10. You can see the curve of Shasta Avenue leading north from San Carlos, and the strip mall.

11. On the left, the triangle is the shopping center at Bascom and West San Carlos.

By the way, these web photos don't do justice to the original aerial photographs which are HUGE and are much clearer than these copies. They are stored in the California Room of the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. If you're interested in seeing the originals, contact me and I'll either show them to you, or give you precise instructions on where they are located.