Notes on 1968 Aerial Photos:

1. This dramatically shows what happens when a highway needs to be put in and existing structures have to make way for it. That bare patch running through the middle of the photo is where Highway 280 is going to go and there used to be houses there. Only the trees remain. [Compare to the 1961 photo].

2. That's San Jose City College at the bottom half of the photo.

3. You can see Scott Street running along the top of the photo, and the bend at Clifton.

4. On the right edge you can see that land has also been cleared for what will soon be apartment complexes at the end of Mayellen and Buena Vista Avenues.

By the way, these web photos don't do justice to the original aerial photographs which are HUGE and are much clearer than these copies. They are stored in the California Room of the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. If you're interested in seeing the originals, contact me and I'll either show them to you, or give you precise instructions on where they are located.