478 Menker Avenue
1912 Craftsman Bungalow

This beautiful, well-kept bungalow was built in 1912. Not only do you get to tour this lovely home, but the gardens as well. 

The Youngquist family were the original owners and builders of 478 Menker and lived here for 25 years. They had a piano in the fireplace nook, so the house never had a fireplace as did several other homes on the street. Patricia Johnson is the owner and has lived in the home for 17 years.

The home has the original gutters, wood trim inside which is unpainted, original glass in the front and side windows (which gives the glass the “wavy look”), drop pocket windows in the back bedroom, and pine sub-flooring. This home still runs on the original V30 amp electricity, and has the original floor heater, built-in ironing board and a California Cooler.

In the kitchen, the counters are lower because people were shorter in 1912.  You can see where the wood-burning stove used to be before it was remodeled to accommodate a gas appliance.

The garage is as it was. Check out Mr. Youngquist’s handiwork, a most meticulous carpenter, even if he did spell “rivits” creatively.

The garden way in the back is a cutting-flower garden so that the house can have fresh flowers all year-round.  Gardener, Juan Cruz, has worked with Patricia for many years to achieve this exciting, colorful garden.