360 Leigh Avenue
1910 Arts and Craft Bungalow

Just 18 months ago Juan C. Ramirez and April Williams bought the 1-bedroom, 1010 sq. ft. bungalow built in 1910 from a long-term owner. They were looking for their first home that had charm and potential for them to renovate. The original house was a 2-bedroom but the previous owner removed the second bedroom to make a larger living area. This change created a very open and flowing feeling.

The former elderly resident had not made major updates on the house for many years so when April and Juan bought the house they made plans to renovate the bathroom, kitchen and to convert the laundry room into an office. After 6 months of their own labor (while working full time!), they had finished all the major changes to the house including the installation of wood and tile floors, new cabinets, a new porch, a wood burning fireplace insert and landscaping. The house has a single gas heater that they found is not efficient but with the installation of the fireplace insert in October, they have been able to enjoy warm fires in the evenings that heat the house at a fraction of the cost of gas! There is no air-conditioning in the house which the owners have not felt a need for since the house is partially shaded by trees and the windows provide ideal ventilation.

Juan and April’s vision of the renovation was to create a style that was somewhat reflective of the style of the house but that was also contemporary with a warm, inviting flare. The interior of the house is decorated with beautiful colors (gold, green, rust) and is adorned with furniture and accessories that reflect a multi-cultural appreciation. Both owners enjoy working in the yard and have created a simple, clean landscape with sun and shade-loving plants that are beautiful and easy to maintain. The owners enjoy relaxing in the shade of the large black walnut tree in the summer which provides a cool spot to escape the strong sun.

Although they have accomplished a lot in the past year and a half, they still have a long list of improvements they are constantly working on. Future plans for the property include rebuilding the garage with a full 1-bedroom unit in the back and finishing the backyard landscaping. The original garage still remains and although it has a style and charm consistent with the house, it seems to have had its fair share of termite and weather wear. Overall the owners feel they have done a great job in preserving and updating this beautiful home!