368 Mayellen Avenue
1906 Arts and Craft Bungalow

Jessica and John Morgan bought this Arts & Crafts bungalow in December of 2001. They are not sure of the actual date the house was constructed, but neighbors suggest it is one of the four adjacent houses that were constructed by the same architect between 1906 and 1912.

Prior to the Morgan’s purchase of the home, the dining room fireplace was removed and a wall was put in just to the left of the built-in cabinets. For some years after the house sported a chimney, but not a fireplace. The chimney was removed during some repairs later.

The Morgan are working hard to keep the house in good repair and have spent a fair amount of time in restoration. Recently the wood floors in the living room and dining room, long covered with carpet and paint, were refinished. Some of the paint that was used in earlier years still remains imbedded in the floorboards and was too deep to sand down.

John stripped down the box window on the left of the living room and Jessica has spend many weekends in the planning of their garden. While in the kitchen, have a look at the original glass in the windows.