457 Richmond Avenue
1905 Arts and Craft Bungalow

Linda Maher bought this lovely little two-bedroom bungalow (built in 1905) in 1998. Its first owners, the Wahls, enjoyed their new house on a lot that was three times larger than it is today, at a quarter of an acre. Over the years, housing for the cannery workers at Del Monte, DiFiore (which stood where the West San Carlos Shopping Center is today) and other local canneries were built on the property. Those houses were torn down as they wore out.

Mrs. Wahl was in the house until she died at the age of 102 and her son took up residence in the house. At that time the house was lifted onto a new foundation and its plumbing and wiring updated.

The current owner has further refurbished the home by updating the roof and furnace, remodeling the kitchen and bath, and clearing the yard in preparation for installing raised vegetable beds.

There are numerous well-established plantings of dature (trumpet vine), jade trees, elephant ear, aloe, prune, blackberry, roses, and hollyhocks. In addition there is an almond tree and a California Pepper tree in the front yard, and a Canary Island Date Palm in the back yard.