544 Leland Avenue
1939 Late-Era Bungalow

Tim and Michelle Burns bought the 1500 square foot 2 bedroom-1 bath home built in 1939 in 1973, 35 years ago. They couldn’t decide between this house and one in Santa Clara. A big influence was wanting to be near their grandparents, Henry and Claire Dahl, one of the first original homeowners on Leland Avenue (at 532 Leland Avenue). Tim’s mother, Joan Burns (Dahl) grew up on this street and graduated from Santa Clara High School. She will be one of the docents in the home, and remembers many of the original neighbors and surrounding businesses in the area.

They knew the pueblo gold-colored house had great potential and some TLC could bring out its beauty. They loved the characteristic charm and uniqueness the house (which is also why they haven’t made many changes over the years). They knew this home was where they wanted to raise their family.

In the living room you’ll see the old drop-in-the-wall mailbox, the original wall chimes for the doorbell, the embossed ship on the fireplace, the small alcove on the fireplace, along with the arched entry into the formal dining room.

In the dining room you’ll still see the original corner cupboards stained by Tim after removing many years of paint. Each cupboard is filled with many antiques and family memorabilia collected over the years. They did change the original dining room window to French doors for easier access to the driveway which leads to the original two-car garage with the original sliding garage doors.

You’ll find the kitchen in its original style. The Formica counter top, linoleum floor and cupboards have had very few modifications. It still has the kitchen nook and bay windows. Please note: No dishwasher or garbage disposal in this house!

They were lucky to have one of the more deluxe models when it came to the bathroom which still has the original blue tiled counter. It also has a separate bath tub and shower with the arched entry for the shower. All the original rooms of the house still have the pulley-type windows needing much repair (they found out wooden dowels work just fine).

A few years and three children later, the owners decided to add approximately 200 square feet which included a third bedroom and second bathroom. The bathroom has a sunken bath tub that came in handy for washing three kids and now four grandchildren.

They’ve changed the backyard numerous times to suit the family needs, once with a deck and pool, then deck and grass for the kids and pets to play and family to enjoy. After the children left the coop the backyard has been changed to an aggregate patio, with more beautiful roses and a garden of cactus using many odd planting pots.

This home has had many residents over the years, including a salesman, a cabinetmaker, a sheetmetal worker, a grocery store owner (Sparkle Market), and a janitor.