1671 Scott Street
1906 "Transformed" Bungalow

When contractor, Bill Katt was looking for a new place for himself, he happened upon this dreary, dilapidated, vacant shack in the midst of a rain storm. Bill reports that he had to step back into the rain to avoid the deluge of water coming through the porch roof, saying to himself, “This
place is a mess, I guess I better buy it.”

So, in 2000, he became the“proud” owner of this “as is” eyesore.This tiny 830 square-foot house, is one of the original in the Orchard Park Subdivision, built in 1906 when Scott Street was still just a gravel road.

Bill hoped to be able to save the fir tongue-and-groove floor, but had to give up after discovering three floors beneath, all of which were termite infested. He had to gut the house completely and start from scratch while maintaining the original footprint. Everything is new: plumbing, electrical, heat, A/C, and even a new water line from the street. The compact kitchen is Bill’s own design and he did all the casework. He added the skylight and baywindow and the lights in the skylight and under the cabinets.

As a contractor busy with this remodeling project, Bill frequented Orchard Supply Hardware and struck up a relationship with Sheila, a Customer Service Representative. After about six months, he found out that she was not married and asked her out. The house was a big hit with Sheila and they were married last October 15, 2005. Sheila is the one who encouraged Bill to show their home, as a celebration of their relationship and love.

The Japanese-style yard is a tribute to his relationship with the Yamagami’s of Cupertino. .