463 Menker Avenue
1946 Style Bungalow

When previous owner, Lyly Spencer sold her home, she wanted to make sure the new owners would be committed to participating in the neighborhood and continue her activist legacy, and she made a great selection in Carlos
Ramirez and Marcos Montes. As new residents of only five months, they have turned their 1940s home into a neighborhood showpiece.

The lot where this home is located was one of the original purchased by J.C. Menker and his wife Jenny in 1907 as a part of the Orchard Park Subdivision. For many years the lots was an apricot orchard. A lthough more modern in its furnishings, this bungalow continues the tradition of simple, clean and minimalist living. Since Carlos is a house painter and Marcos an artist, what you see in color is just the latest iteration. It is the 5th selection in as many months.

They have added crown molding, modern light fixtures, and all-stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. All the art is original by Marcos. They have transformed the backyard into a special place for entertaining their many friends and family this summer. Now you can see the two cherry trees (male and female) planted by the Spencer family. Loa and Mia have full use of a new dog run.

Notice the ‘54 classic Cobra in the drive, which is owned by their realtor and enjoy the jazz piano by Mike, a musician friend.