Buena Vista Historic Home & Garden Tour
A Celebration of Vintage Working Class Homes

Saturday, June 7, 2008                  

Home Tour: 11 am – 4 pm
Cost: $15/single - $25/couple

View homes on tour in prior years

This is the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association’s Eighth Annual Home & Garden Tour. You can purchase tour tickets in advance with PayPal (see below) or the day of the event in front of Slider's Restaurant in the West San Carlos Shopping Center..

The tour features historic homes built between 1905 and 1958. [There is also a delightful "secret garden" full of surprises amd ideas for gardening enthusiasts.]

These are not the homes of the upper class. These are the homes for the common family built when life was simpler, slower, and saner. Homes had fewer rooms and the rooms were smaller, but furniture was smaller too. Having an bathroom indoors was still a relatively new concept, and the whole family shared one. Garages were at the back of the lot where the horse and carriage used to be. Lots were large because most families wanted room for a vegetable garden and a few small animals.

These homes feature decorative trim inside and out, front porches, paneled dining rooms, built-ins, hardwood floors, and ceiling molding. Guests can get ideas and tips for preserving and restoring their own older home.

Look for the vintage automobiles at some of the houses! You can not only see where people were living but also what people were driving during that time period.

Advanced tickets will be available at
Antiques Colony
1881 W. San Carlos Street
San Jose, CA 95126

Tickets may be purchased the day of the Home Tour in front of
Slider's Restaurant
West San Carlos Shopping Center
Corner of Shasta and West San Carlos

San Jose, CA 95126
(if you purchase tickets in advance, come to Slider's to pick up your tour brochure and map!)


Bring a copy of your receipt to Slider's and receive the Tour brochure and map to the houses

$25 BVNA Home Tour (Couple)

$15 BVNA Home Tour (Single)

Information – Group Sales:

Loui Tucker 408-287-9999 loui@louitucker.com
Robert Solis 408-688-0111 rmsolis@aol.com