Buena Vista Park first appeared in 2004 when a home on the northwest corner of Menker and Scott was purchased by the City, the small house on the lot was removed, and the lot was landscaped into a park.

Five years later, the lot immediately to the east became available (small historical note: the house that once stood there was the residence of the Hills who owned and operated Hill's Flowers on Race Street!). The City purchased it and it was earmarked to be added to our small park.

In July 2010, a group of neighborhood residents got together to clean up the lot. The primary goal was the demolition of a ratty old wooden fence and removing the largest of the weeds. Photos below.

Then in 2012, the City finally okayed the plans to expand and by the summer of 2013, Buena Vista Park had doubled in size!

Before and after photos are below.

2010 BEFORE THE CLEANUP 2010 AFTER THE CLEANUP 2012 View from Google Maps 2013 - TA DA!
From the southeast corner
From the southwest corner
From the east end
From the northeast corner      

That's an aerial photo on the left, courtesy of Google Maps. As soon as the photo is updated to show the current park, I will add it here.


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