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Instead of muttering to your coffee cup, contact an agency that is set up to help!

It has never been easier to file a complaint with the City. If you have a smart phone you can download and use CitySourced.com software. With this program on your phone, you can take a photo of the problem and email it directly to the City with your comments. Track the reports you've submitted by clicking here. You can also use this link to file a report from your computer right now! Also use the SanJoseClean App to report graffiti! Downoad to your Android or iPhone and start cleaning up graffiti in the neighborhood.

Blighted Property in the neighborhood:
If the property is in the City of San Jose, use this form: Code Enforcement Blight Report on line. You can also use CitySourced to report blight problems.

Abandoned cars:
Cars parked more than 72 hours in the same spot on a public street can be called in or you can send an email:

City of San Jose Phone: 408-277-4931
City of San Jose Email: parking.compliance@sanjoseca.gov. If it's an emergency (the car is blocking a driveway, call 311.
County of Santa Clara Phone: 292-2311

Be patient. First someone will come out and "tag" the car (typically within 48 hours) and then there is a 48-hour waiting period to see if the car is moved by the owner. You can also use CitySourced to report abandoned vehicles.

Traffic Violations
If you have access to a computer you can fill out a report on-line with the San Jose Police Department. If you do not have access to a computer here is the phone number to do so (408) 277-4341. The following is a list of violations you can report:

School Zone Violations
Stop Sign Violations
Stop Light Violations
Right of Way Violations
Turning Violations
Crosswalk / Pedestrian Violations
Parking Problem

To file an on-line report, access the San Jose Police Department’s website at www.sjpd.org. On the left side of the screen under Community Information click on Traffic Enforcement Unit. Next click on Traffic Enforcement Request on the left side of the screen and you will get a Traffic Enforcement Request Form.

Graffiti problems: Lots of options
Anti-Graffiti Hotline (City of San Jose) 866-249-0543 or 408-975-7233
Send an email to: AntiGraffiti@sanjosca.gov
Download the SanJoseClean App for Android and iPhone
Visit their Website to find out how to pick up your own anti-graffiti kit.

Anti-Graffiti (County property)

You can also use CitySourced to report graffiti.

Broken, bent, damaged signs: Contact the West Side Maintenance Yard: 366-3100. You can also use CitySourced software on your smart phone to report problems with signs.

Overgrown weeds:
County Weed Abatement Program: 282-3145 You can also use CitySourced to report blight problems such as overgrown weeds.

Abandoned Shopping Carts:
For Safeway shopping carts:Call 629-6030 and leave a message. Usually picked up within 24 hours.
For Food Max shopping carts: Call 1-800-252-4613 and leave a message. Usually picked up within 48 hours.
Or call the City of San Jose 408-535-3500

Toxic Items: such as paint, solvents, etc. Contact Santa Clara County Hazardous Waste Department (408) 299-7300

Eye Glasses: Donate old eye glasses to Lions Club www.lionsclubs.org

Medical Pill Recycling: Leiters Pharmacy, 1700 Park Avenue, San Jose (408) 292-6772 has a bin where you can deposit old pharmaceuticals.

Extra fruits and vegetables: Do you have fruit trees? Have an over-abundance of fruit or vegetables in your garden? Do you need help harvesting your tree? Want to share with the hungry? Village Harvest, a non-profit organization, is looking for homeowners who have a large amount of fruit and need help harvesting their trees. If you have a modest amount of fruit and can harvest it yourself, please visit our website for drop-off locations near you: www.villageharvest.org To volunteer the fruit from your tree(s) as a tax deductible contribution, or if you'd like to be part of a harvesting team, please call: (888) FRUIT 411 (888-378-4841) or info@villageharvest.org

Other worthy organizations: Second Harvest Food Bank and Martha's Kitchen

Useless Items: Dumpster Days! The Buena Vista Neighborhood Association has a Dumpster Day (in conjunction with various city and county agencies) every 6-8 months, and it's a perfect way to get rid of broken concrete and lumber and other building materials, ruined furniture, car parts, etc. Watch our calendar for the next Dumpster Day -- or come to an Association meeting and find out more about scheduling them!